“If you truly love nature
 you will find beauty everywhere.”

Van Gogh


Bengi Lostar Özdemir was born in 1980, in Ankara. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Art History in 2002. During this period, she was very interested in photography and cinema. She continued her education by taking classes at IFSAK (Istanbul Foundation of Photography and Cinema) including Black and White Printing classes. While she was studying visual art and design at the Vancouver Film School in 2005, she worked on short films and later chose to tell her narratives through photography and illustration. Bengi worked in the creative sector both as a visual artist and as an Expert. She has experience of more than 10 years working at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Here, she designed, evaluated and directed culture and art projects. She did her MA in EU Studies in Bonn and wrote a thesis on intercultural dialogue.

Bengi Lostar, who also has experience in curating exhibitions, continues to produce using photography, mixed media, drawing and illustration. She designs and implements cultural, artistic and educational projects. In the field of photography, in addition to street photography, she focuses on a visual language that examines everyday life in an unusual poetic way, thus, she is interested in conceptual expression. Bengi participated in exhibitions in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Belgium. As for illustration, she seeks to combine her technical experiments on paper with abstract notional subjects using different elements and mediums. She continues to work on her projects in Belgium, France and Turkey.
  • "You have a set of images that are strong and smart and all together work well in how they show off an artistic point of view and voice that feels specific and fresh.

    You have a good feel for humor and what makes an image that one wants to stay with - to tease out the hidden aspects or details, to look again. I highly encourage you to continue and to experiment and play further. I very much enjoyed viewing your work and wish you all the best!"